Ancient Pathways Tours


Ancient Pathways Tours presents exclusive 3-hour tour
to Taawa Petroglyph site and Old Oraibi village, Third Mesa, led by Bertram Tsavadawa.

Customized & Special Interest Tours

“Tsaava” will share insights into everyday life and Hopi beliefs both informative and entertaining.

ORAIYVI – A continuously inhabited community in North America since 950 A.D.(current era),”Mother Village” of all Third Mesa villages.
TAAWA – a Petroglyph site located in a semi-circle cove with towering cliff-faces containing clan symbols and stories of the “HI.SAT’ SI.’NOM.
*ancestors to the HOPI, Ancestral Puebloans.


*Individuals, small groups and large groups welcome.
Customized and Special Interest tours should make prior reservations to allow accommodations on day of visit.
Half and Full day tours: Agriculture, Artisans, Petroglyphs and Natural Springs.
Ancient Pathways Tours committed to sharing and educating with knowledge and experience. Unique artwork & “Creatively Speaking”.

For more information contact Bertram Tsavadawa @ 928.797.8145 for rates and availability.